Rapid Business Expansion That Works

The world is changing at a lightning-fast pace. In order for businesses to not just survive but truly thrive, shifts in the marketplace must not only be recognized immediately— they must be predicted.

Scaling without accurate forecasts of where the industry is going and without knowing what your customers will want five years from now is simply scaling obsolescence. Accurate vision begins with reliable and accurate prediction methods. It’s not magic— it’s proven methods.

Exceptional and Reliable Employee Transformation

Today’s employee market can seem hopeless. Finding the right employees, motivating current employees, getting quality work from your team, or even finding anyone to work for your company at all. All of this can seem out of your control.

Trying to get what you want out of the people who work for you by doing what you have always done will simply get you what you have now. Using proven methods to quickly change how your people perform by getting them to treat your business like you do will get you something very different. CEOs and Business Owners who learn the secret of getting the most out of every employee— as well as knowing how to attract and hire the best talent right from the start— give themselves an edge that most of the business world will never have.

Rapidly Transforming Business Operations and People Simultaneously

Both the organization and the employees must transform together in order to take organizations into this thriving next-level 21st-century environment. If those two elements are out of balance— rapid growth just becomes rapid multiplication of imbalance and inefficiency. Conversely— when both of those elements are aligned— rapid growth means multiplication of functionality, efficiency, and record-breaking profits.

It takes expert analysis and truly-transformational leadership to accomplish both objectives. Obviously, that type of worldclass expertise coupled with a proven system to swiftly take everything in the business to the top level is pure gold.

Proven Expertise Across All Industries— Succeeding Where Other Experts Fail

At It’s More Than Just Numbers, we know how to analyze a business and find its keys. Any business. Because every business has the same basic core elements no matter what the industry. However, every action of every employee, every interaction with each client or customer, every transaction completed, every order delivery, even every parking space, has a ripple effect on your business.

Analysis which takes all of that and every other detail imagined is so complex that most business experts would never attempt it. That’s why most business consulting is disappointing at best and why most CEOs and Business Owners consider hiring consultants to be a waste of time and money.

Because missing even the smallest ripple can drastically change the outcome of your business and its present and future success.

Our proven methods dig deep and find virtually every applicable detail within days so that everything can be quickly and thoroughly analyzed and turned into a clear and detailed action plan, which is cut down to only what will be effective and profitable. Anything that is not driving highly profitable revenue is removed.

That’s why every CEO or Business Owner who has ever hired us, listened to our recommendations, and implemented them properly, has experienced record-breaking results and record-breaking profits— no matter what industry.

A Clear Pathway to Extraordinary Success

We specialize in guiding leaders and— when needed— stepping in to temporarily lead organizations and employees through our proven rapidly-upward transformational methods and processes. All this while focusing on the core foundations of demand, vision, leadership, and implementation. A hyper-focus on rapidly multiplying profitable revenue and finding hidden highly-profitable revenue sources and revenue streams— which can start producing almost immediately because all resources for those revenue streams already exist. The multiplied existing revenue streams combine with the new highly-profitable revenue streams to create record-breaking revenues in record breaking timeframes.

Rapid. Striking. Solid

Business expansion can be quick, dramatic, and solid. It just takes a clear vision of where the company is going, absolutely knowing where the trends will be in your industry years from now, a high-impact business plan, and a proven system to put all of that into a crystal-clear, step-by-step path to lead your organization into the near and distant future with confidence.


The key is knowing the future demand of your key markets— not the present demand. Rapid business expansion is only the beginning. If you want it to continue— your high-impact business pathway must be designed and planned to meet the future market demands. Many companies fail because their strategies, and pathways are based on analysis where they think they should be today— based on current trends and market indicators— so when the next trend comes they are hopelessly behind.


Vision includes a clear, unfiltered view of where the organization and employees are today and where they need to be in the future. Examining the true present view can be painful— because many Business Owners and CEOs don’t even want to see where they truly are, let alone admit it. But knowing where you are is a critical first step. Then, the end vision must align with the future market demands— so you have to be able to accurately see what those will be. Bridging the gap between the present and the future becomes the strategic plan for change. Each pathway must be so highly customized and perfectly fine-tuned that it cannot fit any other business, in order to outperform the ordinary.


Transformation requires exact execution of a strategic plan to make the future vision become a reality. Often, organizations and employees fail to transform because they are too busy doing what they currently do. Getting what “needs to be done” can be the reason they fail to execute the strategic plan for change— or why they don’t have a high-impact step-by-step pathway to begin with— which would completely rocket revenues and truly transform the company in record-breaking time.


Currently-successful leaders are often the biggest challenge to the transformation and rapid expansion process— because they do not want to change what is currently working. Leadership must see the need for constant adaptive change and be fully invested in the process to expand and transform to new levels of excellence. For this reason— outside transitional leadership can be required to properly design and execute a highly-customized strategic and crystal-clear pathway of organizational transformation and rapid business expansion, which up-levels all departments and components of the business simultaneously to prevent any ripple effects of one department from undoing the positive effects of another department.